What I missed because I didn’t know ESN

My Erasmus has come to an end. Those who have finished exams will be feeling this same feeling as I am. Who doesn’t hate goodbyes?

I have met wonderful people I never imagined I would. A family that I will always feel close, even if we are separated by miles of journeys to come. I have learned from other people and their cultures. They have helped me and guided me when I felt lost. However, I know I could have done more. Until that time we dared to go up to an ESN Jam Session to make an entire venue sound.


After that day, I knew I had to be that girl who encouraged us to join every activity without any doubt and to do things that perhaps in our countries would not dare to. And, in spite of all those people who speak without knowing, I have lived an unforgettable experience that I will always carry in my heart.


«I should have gone to more activities like this» – I said to myself.  So, out of that fear or shame, I entered ESN. It’s a much bigger association than I thought.  I know that I could have met ESN during my Erasmus, but I know that in my city I am going to help all those people who need me, as I needed it in my exchange program.

In short, there is no such thing as the famous post-Erasmus depression. Keep the good memories with you and live life like that moment when you got off the plane without knowing what was waiting for you.


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