6 Reasons why Erasmus makes you happy

What is happiness? According to the dictionary it’s a state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Normally caused by that feeling of success, safety or luck. Erasmus is told to give all these emotions to those who take part in it, but is this true? The actual truth is that the Erasmus experience bring you many opportunities that students normally don’t have when they are at their own city or country. On this article you will find out all the facts that makes erasmus students happier than normal students.

Erasmus makes you happier

Which are these reasons that makes the Erasmus the best experience in a students life?

Make new friends is easier

Human are social people, we need to feel part of something and during your Erasmus, you definitely do. Arrive to a new city in a different country, speaking a foreign language and starting from cero makes us try to find new people quicklier: your new flatmates, the people that goes to the first Erasmus meetings or even to the university reunions and trips are in the same situation as you are, so everybody is more receptive to make friends.

Erasmus friend groups usually count with people from many different countries, which open people minds and makes you realize that we all can have the same necessities, dreams or humor,  doesn’t matter the origin.

During the mobility experience, friends are closer, they are your new family: they become your advisors, travel mates, classmates and teachers. And even though the period that you share together is not that big, it’s strong enough to last forever.

Freedom and independence

Be far from home means do everything by yourself, it is time to do the laundry, cook every day, clean the house and deal with the landlords; but also time to come back home whenever you want without having to give any explanation, eat anything you want to eat and travel wherever you want to travel.

 Be independent means deal with all the problems on the way by yourself and learn from them, means become more mature and feel useful. This, in human’s brain, has happiness as a result.

Open your mind and gain skills and knowledge

Not all the universities have the same courses, ways to teach and do the exams, or even rate the students; so when you start studying abroad you start learning about new ways to do team works, new tools to use during the classes, and also, new ways to study.

The day life and the necessity to find the best bargains, makes the imagination work harder than ever and end up giving you new ideas and skills that, at the beginning, you would have never think you could have.

Food as a lifestyle

Some countries are known for their food more than others, but it doesn’t really matter, because at the end of the semester you will have gained a few kilos. The reason is that the multicultural environment incites you to try new food from other countries in international dinners, at home with you new flatmates or in any new restaurant in the city.

Spain,  with its big and diverse gastronomy: food, wine, beer, etc, and its cheap prices makes people fall in love with it.

Erasmus travel

Travel is cheaper

During the Erasmus experience, many students are able to organize their own timetables which gives them the possibility to have many days in the week with no classes. This means more time to travel to other cities or towns.

In the most part of the destinations there are many discounts and offers for students transportation, which means cheapest flights, or bus tickets. Also accomodations is usually cheap, due to hostel offers, or that many of the students end up knowing someone that can host them at their own house.

Travel makes people get to know, not only new cultures and new experiences, but also new amazing people during the trip. This is definitely a reason to be happy.


The last thing that makes you be happier if you go on Erasmus is meeting your ESN family volunteers that from the beginning are up to help you with the paperwork and accommodation search. This family that organizes social activities and trips, where you meet amazing people that become your family. That also gives you many discounts is transport, drinks, food, gym and many other amazing places. And that gives you the opportunity to be part of the local life by doing social activities, and feel new things organizing inclusive and fun activities as blind dinners.


We have already lived that, so we can tell you how Erasmus feels but… What are you waiting for to be happy?


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