Some people decide to do a mobility program either because the education of a foreign country is different than theirs or for the culture and heritage of that place or even for love… But, why did you decide to take part on a mobility program this year?

It has been more than 30 years ago since the Erasmus program was created. It aimed to promote higher education in Europe, but nowadays it has reached new goals. Many people use their Erasmus to learn about different cultures and traditions, as long as improve themselves by living alone abroad. We are part of the “Erasmus Generation”, people who were able to meet friends from all over Europe and beyond, and who developed the idea of being part of something bigger.


ESN Spain wants you to tell the story behind your Erasmus. The project #MyErasmusReason is designed for you, who is taking part in an international mobility program this year in our beautiful country. If you want to share what motivated you to do it, you just have to like ESN Spain Facebook fan page, and, using the application you will find there, upload a picture of a moment or an experience of your Erasmus that can describe the reason you chose before starting the best time of your life.



The platform will be open until May 8th, 2019, and by sharing your story, you will participate in a contest where people who uploaded the most liked pictures will win amazing prizes, such as a GoPro Hero camera, a useful Ryanair gift-card for your next trip or ESN T-shirt and socks to keep you warm!


You will find much more information on the Facebook fan page.

Do not lose this opportunity, as you did not lose the chance to take part in this journey, in which ESN volunteers try to help you and create from this experience something incredible. We cannot wait to check your motivations and experiences! Go ahead and upload your best picture!

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