Upgrading your Erasmus

During your Erasmus you can earn several experiences that will change your life forever. You can meet new friends, you can learn how to live abroad on your own… but what if you could also get involved in volunteering?


You may have the opportunity to interact with local communities and leave an impact on your exchange experience and in the society at the same time. ESN believes on the enrichment of society and the upgrade of your Erasmus experience. We are celebrating for the second time this academic year our Social Inclusion Days initiative, but, how does affect international students?

On first place, you may expand your knowledge on your host country culture. There are several activities regarding culture exchange, as the language tandem where you can learn the language of your host country while you help other people learning your mother tongue. Moreover, you may have the opportunity to introduce your own local culture to people who may not be familiarised with it! Not only language is involved in these kind of activities, but also cultural visits, such as the ones held in Sevilla, Baleares or Madrid. On Sevilla, students got the chance to attend a flamenco show, on Baleares they held a visit to a natural protected place, and on Madrid they were able to visit the house were lived one of the most important poets and playwrights of the Spanish literature.


You may also earn some experience during some volunteering activities. There are several opportunities in which you may be able to help the community and get involved with the local people. In many cities, ESN will try to offer you some opportunities regarding volunteering. From helping in an animal shelter as they have made in Granada, to visiting a home for the elderly, there are many incredible experiences that can help you grow.


Many students join every year the volunteering activities organised by ESN looking for these experiences that can only become true in this time of your life. The Erasmus Generation is much more than going abroad, you can make an impact in your host country, so you can leave a bit of yourself there, just the same as you will take a piece of that place with you forever.


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