Once Erasmus, always Erasmus

Do you remember when you were checking your Learning Agreement? Do you remember all that times you had difficulties looking for a new apartment or flatmates in a city you have never been before? All of us have found these kind of trouble preparing our Erasmus. But that time has become a memory. You have met new friends, you have grown, you have traveled, but the most important thing, you are not the same person you were when everything started.


Many investigations have proved that a mobility program helps you broadening your mind. Meeting so many different people and living alone abroad during this time is going to be one of the most important features in your life.


Spending several months away from your home may have encourage you looking out for new goals or aims in your life. You may have learnt some valuable skills and gone through experiences that you could not imagine before starting this year.


From learning how to cook everyday, to using the washing machine, or even opening a bank account, there are many everyday situations that many people don’t learn before going abroad. Hopefully, you are now able to prepare the most traditional dish from your home country because of the attempts of surprising your mates.

Surely you have travel a lot, getting to know the best places and costumes in your host country. Even you may have gone to other countries, such as visiting Portugal when doing your Erasmus in Spain. From now on, don’t stop traveling and discovering new places. Currently, you have the chance to visit many people’s countries by visiting them. It is very important to keep in touch with the people you have shared this experience with.


The Erasmus Experience is a life-changing moment, when, despite problems and hard situations, you have become a different person, with different goals and aims, and with less fears and prejudices. Many Erasmus people find out the career they want to follow after this time. Many companies and employers take into account whether a possible employee has made a mobility program during their degrees and traineeships or not. Moreover, if you have met any good professor, they may be able to help you with future projects.


ESN volunteers from your local sections have tried their best to upgrade this experience. We have also learnt a lot from you, the Erasmus people, because that is the reason behind our work, to help you and to improve ourselves in this experience. Every year is different, we meet different students, there are different events, but we earn the best from every one of them.


These months have been incredible both for you and every ESN volunteer that have helped you. We hope you had the best time of your life and you will come back visiting us and travel to meet every new friend you have made. Fondly remember this time and keep on being the best version you can of yourself. Thank you for becoming part of the Erasmus Generation!


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