Making your Erasmus a new beginning

There are moments in life where there seems to be no exit. High-school years turns endless and thing does not go as we want. In those moments, when you are alone and can’t see the light, the best you can do is trying to change the scene and plan a brand new adventure.

According to a 2018 report by ONG Bullying Without Borders, there were registered in Spain 1475 cases of school bullying. This is a very high number and a real problem in our country. Many young people are bullied at high-schools and it is really hard leaving that situation.

Erasmus program can mean a complete change in your life and, even though this decision can begin with a tight knot in your stomach, you can bring yourself to find support on your family, friends and/or teachers, read opinions by people who have done the mobility program and have lived this experience and begin with all the paperwork, making this look like a shimmer of hope.

It may seem tough at the beginning, but if you keep reading this article you’ll see that there are reasons enough to move on and check that, at the end, it was all worth it.

Quite the routine

Finding yourself in the standstill is over, tired of always making the same stuff. Going to class, study, seeing the same people, carrying the same project from house to the university, taking the bus…

Living abroad can give you the opportunity to evade everything.

Forgetting all the troubles you had before leaving, starting a new life. You will start enjoying every day again, enjoying every single moment of them.

Brand new start

Doing an Erasmus means a new start in every way: a new city to know, a new university with totally unknown people, new customs and the chance of starting a new life from scratch. 

New friends 

When you arrive to a new city, you may feel alone. You do not have your family or your lifelong friends. But you’re not alone. There will be many people just like you. Use the Welcome Days of your host university to meet all those people arriving at the same city as you and make some new friends.

Get ready to meet people from all over the world and have the chance to live surrounded by a new culture.

Meet more about the world and broaden your mind

After leaving your small bubble, you may realize that the idea of reality you had may not be completely true.

It enriches you, and you see everything in a totally different way, more critical. You begin creating a larger opinion, redefining your ideas. 

Finding yourself

In general, it is going to be one of the first times that you have more time to spend with yourself because you will have more free time than any other college year.

Discover who you really are. Try practicing local sports, dances or playing some traditional instrument from the country. Try new things!

Summing up, the simple act of leaving your comfort zone is a huge step to your new life. You start an incredible maturing process and everything it brings is new things. You’ll meet amazing people that will become your second family, and all the problems you left behind will start vanishing. So, if you were still doubting about going on an Erasmus or not, we encourage you to start looking for a destination and go for it!


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