Sevilla tiene un color especial…

A well-known Spanish song states the Andalusian city has a very special colour. But, which colour are we talking about?

It may be the crimson, found in many façades and buildings. The story behind this colour in Seville goes back to the 15th Century when the king’s standard used it. Also, it was one of the most expensive colours at the time. So, when, a century later, the city started gaining power, many people from the nobility wanted to use it in their palaces and buildings to show off their wealth.

This colour is never found alone. Most of the times, you can find it together with pipeclay yellow, a tone that comes from the pipeclay stone. The area surrounding the city of Seville, such as Alcalá de Guadaira or Carmona, has many sediments of these rocks. It was used to cover the streets and walls of the city because of the ease of extracting them. You can find it in many different places, such as the Palace of San Telmo, the Maestranza or the Parque de Maria Luisa.

But Seville is not only about its buildings, it is also about its nature. The green from its parks and gardens submerges the city in a very special atmosphere. Together with the colours of the many flowers there are, Seville’s gardens become an astonishing visual spectacle. The most common flower in the city is the azahar, the white flower from the orange trees. It may surprise you, but Seville is the city with most orange trees in the world. Many people say «Spring arrives in the city when the smell of the orange blossom starts to take over. «

Blue is also a dominant colour in the city. The flowing water from the river Guadalquivir and the different lakes and fountains found in the city give peace and serenity to everyone. Moreover, Triana, one of the most famous neighbourhoods in Seville is well-known for its tiles. Many buildings and monuments are decorated with these pieces. In Spanish, they are called azulejos (azul means blue, quite obvious, isn’t it?). The presence of this colour brings the sky closer to the earth.

Another famous sentence says “de Sevilla al Cielo”, which translates to «from Seville to Heaven». Will you miss the opportunity of getting to know this beautiful city at the ESN National Event? Contact your local section in order to get your spot. Maybe you can get to discover the special colour of the city with your friends too!

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