5 Tips to travel during your Erasmus in Spain

“You’ve already been everywhere!”, “But son, tell me again, where were you travelling this weekend?”, “Are you suddenly rich?”, “How lucky you are! You are always travelling!”… Do these expressions sound familiar to you? Then you definitely are what we call the “travelling erasmus”. Whenever you are not travelling, you are thinking of your next […]


The European Parliament is concerned about young people’s worries and wants to discuss about everything that is troubling you. But…how can we transmit them our concerns? It’s pretty easy: do it through the #ChangeTheStory campaign. To join us in this campaign and voice your concerns to the parliament, just mention them (@parlamentoeuropeo) on an Instagram […]

España, entre los mejores países para estudiar en el extranjero

La aventura de estudiar en un país extranjero es una experiencia inolvidable para muchos jóvenes. La decisión de vivir esta experiencia tiene un impacto tanto profesional como personal. Salir de la zona de confort, enfrentarse a situaciones desconocidas, culturas diferentes y conocer a gente de todo el mundo son algunos de los retos que enriquecen […]